Commit 34ccc058 authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko Committed by GitHub

Limit total subscribe retries to 10, but space them out more (#4142)

Since there is little point in retrying so often when a service is down
or does not exist anymore. Subscriptions are renewed 1 day before they
should expire, so retrying in 30 minutes, then 2 hours, then 12 hours
is fine. If even after that, the remote server does not work, there is
little sense in retrying more often than once a day

Also, uniqueness of the job should ensure that failed retries will
not result in multiple retries for the same endpoint when the next
resubscription cycle comes
parent 7f9a353b
......@@ -3,7 +3,20 @@
class Pubsubhubbub::SubscribeWorker
include Sidekiq::Worker
sidekiq_options queue: 'push'
sidekiq_options queue: 'push', retry: 10, unique: :until_executed
sidekiq_retry_in do |count|
case count
when 0
when 1
when 2
24.hours.seconds * (count - 2)
def perform(account_id)
account = Account.find(account_id)
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