Commit 2e1f1031 authored by Andero Uusberg's avatar Andero Uusberg

made basic debugging, script now ready for debugging on real data

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function epoch = epochList(EEG)
epoch = struct(); % genereerib trialitestruktuuri, kus oleks vaid ks vrtus triali kohta
for e = 1:EEG.trials
fld = fields(EEG.epoch)';
for f = 2:length(fld)
if iscell(EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f})) % kui on hes trialis mitu eventi
EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f}) = EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f}){end};
if ischar(EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f}))
epoch(e).(fld{f}(6:end)) = strtrim(EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f})); % kui on string, eemalda thikud
% epoch(e).(fld{f}(6:end)) = EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f});
epoch(e).(fld{f}(6:end)) = num2str(EEG.epoch(e).(fld{f}));
\ No newline at end of file
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
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