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......@@ -15,10 +15,11 @@ Other interests of mine are soccer, photograpy/videography, and reading.
- [VolumeBar9](, a refined volume hud for jailbroken iOS devices
- [mice](, an open-source (and outdated) comparison of mouse specs
- [huffman-rs](, a toy implementation of a huffman tree in rust
- [](, the code for this website!
- [](, the code for this website!
- [Pupil](, a peer-tutoring service for high school students
- [Sophocles](, a handwritten font based off the writing of a friend
### My bookmarks list
- [Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs](, a great book
- [ blog](, the personal blog of crypto expert DJB
- [what happens when...]( is typed into your browser address bar?
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