1. 11 Nov, 2015 1 commit
  2. 21 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Consider exec and exit events an end of outstanding calls · 8a730f3e
      Petr Machata authored
      - This cleans up a lot of stuff.  The actual substance is addition of
        account_current_callstack in handle_event.c (which however uses
        those cleaned-up interfaces).
      - trace-exec.exp was extended to check that the exec syscall can be
        seen in -c output.  That's one of the symptoms of what this fixes.
      - This hides dict_opt_c in summary.c.  It also gets rid of the global
        variable current_time_spent--instead, the information is passed via
        a function argument in a struct timedelta (so that we never confuse
        absolute time with relative).  callstack_element.time_spent was renamed
        to .enter_time, as that is what it has always been.
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      Version 0.3.33 · 5c3fe069
      Juan Cespedes authored
      * Fixed two bugs, thanks to Mauro Meneghin <[email protected]>:
        + Cope correctly with breakpoint values greater than
          sizeof(long) bytes
        + Fixed small bug in option -r                (closes: Bug#212792)
      * Show help if no (or few) arguments are given, just like
        strace and fenris (thanks, Tomasz Wegrzanowski <[email protected]>)
      * Some fixes from Jakub Bogusz <[email protected]>:
        + Small 64-bit cleanup of code
        + support for more than 6 function arguments on amd64
        + Adapted SPARC port from Jakub Jelinek <[email protected]>
        + Added alpha support