Commit 649b30ad authored by Роман Донченко's avatar Роман Донченко Committed by Petr Machata

Fix building with libelf in a non-standard location

The default action for AC_CHECK_LIB adds -lelf to LIBS. If
is in a non-standard location, this causes all subsequent link operations
to fail, including all of the function presence tests.

Change the action to set libelf_LIBS instead, like for every other library. already uses that variable, so no change required there.
parent eedd62bb
......@@ -94,11 +94,12 @@ LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} ${AM_LDFLAGS}"
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([elf.h gelf.h],,
[AC_MSG_ERROR([*** libelf.h or gelf.h not found on your system])]
AC_CHECK_LIB([elf], [elf_begin],,
AC_CHECK_LIB([elf], [elf_begin], [libelf_LIBS="-lelf"],
[AC_MSG_ERROR([*** libelf not found on your system])]
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