Commit 47db25a9 authored by Cerlane Leong's avatar Cerlane Leong 💬


parent e13807da
......@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ This version (0.4rc) supports:
8-bit with zero exponential bit (posit8_t).
2-bit to 32-bit with two exponential bit (posit_2_t) -> Not a fast version
Exhaustively tested for X=(2:32) : pX2_rint, pX2_to_pX2, pX2_to_i32/64, pX2_to_ui32/64, pX2_sqrt
Exhaustively tested for X=(2:20) : pX2_add, pX2_sub, pX2_mul, pX2_div
Exhaustively tested for X=(2:14) : pX2_mulAdd
Exhaustively tested for X=(2:11) : quireX2_fdp_add, quireX2_fdp_sub (using quire32 as the underlying code)
This code is tested on
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