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It has been over 10 years since I start to write on the Internet in earnest. After writing 200 posts a year for two years -- everyone was very enthusiastic then -- I fell over the wagon. For the next few years I write about 15 posts a year, start again every two years or so. Few things were preserved from then, not that they are worthy preserving.
Each time I start writing stuff on a website again, I consider the previous endeavour a failure. Those things I wrote were largely tasteless, boring, and most importantly not very useful even to myself.
Then I declared: "Enough! I will not write for you shallows on the Internet. I will only use writing to express myself without caring who would read it!" I didn't realize I just created an oxymoron. If there is no audience, would there still be expression?
"Why I Write" is a complicated question and I still don't have a definitive answer. For now I think the reason I write is that there are attitudes and ways of thinking that I want to record. These recordings form a basis where I can work to refine my thoughts.
* Essays
[[file:essays/][AI, VR and Space Exploration]]
Longform (relatively) works on specific topics. Occasionally updated.
[[file:essays/][AI, VR and Space Exploration]] Would the development of AI and VR technology hinder or boost space exploration?
[[file:essays/][城市更新背后的逻辑]] Review of David Harvey's book /Paris, the Capital of Modernity/, in Chinese.
[[file:essays/][一个 blog 作者的困惑]]
[[file:essays/][一个 blog 作者的困惑]] Why blogging was no longer the fad, in Chinese.
[[file:essays/][更大、更美、未完成]] Kickstarter, Steam and a new way to develop games, in Chinese.
* Guides
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