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......@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ Longform (relatively) works on specific topics. Occasionally updated.
* Guides
[[file:guides/][Dotfile Management with Org-Mode]]
[[file:guides/][Dotfile Management with Org-Mode]] Use org-babel to store and document your dotfiles.
[[file:guides/][GPG 应用指南]]
[[file:guides/][GPG 应用指南]] How to generate your gpg keys and use them, in Chinese.
[[file:guides/][豆瓣阅读写作指南]] How to write and publish on Douban Read, in Chinese.
* Blog
I have wavered with my position on blogging. On one hand, it is a virtue on today's Internet, for that you keep on writing pieces of text without the expectation that someone would look at them. On the other hand, it is blogging and the pursuit of "new" that lead us to our dilemma today.
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