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......@@ -11,5 +11,7 @@ As a good short example will always be better than a long explanation, here is s
Update a locale field
This script will update remarks field.
Note the coding header, if you're in Python 2.7, and your update contains special characters
.. code-block:: python
# coding: utf-8
import sys
from campbot import CampBot
bot = CampBot()
bot.login("botname", "botpass")
remarks="!! VTNO rocks!"
filters = {
"w": 107049,
for route in
if remarks is None:
route.get_locale("fr").remarks = remarks"Remarque gestion par VTNO")
elif remarks is not None and "VTNO" not in remarks:
# We consider that if VTNO still exists, then locale is still processed
route.get_locale("fr").remarks = remarks + "\n\n" + remark"Remarque gestion par VTNO")
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