VINeM - Visual Interactive Neighborhoud Mining

VINeM is GUI tool for subspace clustering. It is based on cartification1 method.

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Visual Interactive Neighborhood Miner (VINeM)

This software package is the implementation of the software which is introduced in "Visual Interactive Neighborhood Mining on High Dimensional Data" by Emin Aksehirli, Bart Goethals, and Emmannuel Müller in KDD 2015 Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics - IDEA 2015. Please check the web site for more information and the paper.

Building the package

An already-built jar file of the porject is provided on the web site.

This application is coded in Java and uses [Apache Maven][] for dependency management and build system. After properly installing Java and Maven give the following command in this folder to create an executable jar file:

mvn clean compile assembly:single

An executable .jar file will be crated in the target directory. The jar file is self-contained, that is it includes all the dependencies. Its name is vinem-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar. Note that an Internet connection is needed during the first run for the download of depencies.


For more information please contact Emin Aksehirli. Or visit the project repository on https://gitlab.com/cartification/vinem.