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# Using the Noun Project API to make use and attribution of images easier
(see Issue #21, [_'Making accurate credits takes a long time'_]( for more context)
I'm trying to make a very simple search interface for the Noun Project, where a workshop participant can type in a word, eg. _bee_, and the top 8 images returned will be immediately printed out, with license, attribution, ID, and a thumbnail (they will likely cut the metadata off the image, so the thumbnail helps them link it back to the image they have used)
### Current layout:
I'm also trying to make an automated credits page - participants can note down the images they have used (by referring to the commit log) and then type a series of IDs into the connected laptop. Up to 8 IDs can be input, and a credits page is printed.
(for now, if a participant uses more than 8 images, they can print multiple credits pages and hack them together with scissors and glue)
### Current layout:
The layouts are good enough to work with for now, and they're printing ok (with Beaker Browser) so the next steps are writing the rest of the javascript to correctly populate both pages, and setting it up to work with the Noun Project API directly.
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