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fix links and software setup instructions

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......@@ -31,8 +31,16 @@ Download this folder! You will need to paste your Noun Project key and secret in
You'll also need to install [node.js]( for your system.
In your terminal, [change directory](
intro_to_command_line/#change-current-directory) to this folder, and type ```node index.js``` to start the server.
intro_to_command_line) to this folder, and type
npm install
node index.js
to start the server.
If it's working, you should see a message saying ```Example app running on port 3000!```
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Sure thing:
- The workshop uses stamps and a photocopier as a '[version control](' method to store copies of every step in the creative process - here's an (illustrated) explanation of [how the core process of creating, committing and remixing works](
- the [Equipment List]( has everything you will need to run a workshop.
- the instructional [Posters](Print/Instructional-Posters/) and [Commit Log](Commit-Log/) and more [resources to print](Print) or adapt.
- the instructional [Posters](Print/Instructional-Posters/) and [Commit Log](Print/Commit-Log/), [zine templates](Print/Zines), [illustrations](Print/Noun-Project-Illustrations) and more [resources to print](Print) or adapt.
- a [blogpost]( about the workshop we ran at Mozilla Festival 2017
- a [blogpost]( and [recipe]( for a more basic version of the workshop at Arts & Commons in 2016
- The [Roadmap]( outlining the upcoming tasks and milestones for the project.
......@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ I'm [Sam](, I'm a Mozilla Fellow working with Cr
[Jan-Christoph Borchardt]( took part in the first Cut, Copy & Paste workshop prototype in 2017, has contributed many new ideas and great feedback, and is the first person to run a Cut, Copy & Paste workshop without me :)
[Darius Kazemi]( helped me get the Noun Project '[Print from API](' interface up-and-running.
[Mercè Rua]( contributed many of the initial ideas of this project. Her continued advice and experience in workshop facilitation and [collaborative practices]( are invaluable!
[David Ross]( mentored me for the Mozilla Open Leadership Program, asking the tricky questions and providing advice and support.
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