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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
### angle of speaker & microphone.
- align the direction of the speaker's voice and the microphone **at an angle** to the wall, so that they are not speaking directly towards the wall, or directly towards a corner. (see diagram)
### reduction of handling sounds
- do not hold the microphone in your hands. Humans are good at many things, but no good at being microphone stands. Moving a microphone during recording will introduce unwanted noises.
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ Use a proper microphone stand, or alternatively, find a way to attach the microp
- set up the microphone so it is about 15-20cm from the speaker's mouth
- if you have a 'pop shield', place this between the speaker's mouth and microphone. (if you want to make your own pop shield, you can use old pantyhose stretched over a frame of some kind)
- if you _do not_ have a pop shield, you can set up the microphone 'off axis' to the speaker's mouth, so that it does not receive the full force of the sound directly.
- set up the microphone at a height level to the speaker's mouth, and test it. If the "S" sounds are unnaturally "essssy" or distorted, it may help to lower the microphone slightly. If the "P" or "B" sounds are making loud impact sounds, it may help to raise the microphone slightly. If you can't really tell either way, then it is probably fine.
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