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#+title: Göktuğ's Configuration
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* Introduction
Sic transit gloria mundi.
Welcome to Göktuğ's Configuration, a work of artisanal love and care
aimed at making the personal computer use a joyful activity, instead
of endless agony and trade-offs in the era of inconfigurable apps
designed with biblical unquestionable dogmas imposed on the users by
the people that go by the D-word as their job title. My computer is
my atelier, not an exhibition, so I demand that I'm able to touch,
move and modify anything in any way.
This repo contains the following:
- My GNU Emacs configuration tree (~emacs.d/~)
- My dotfiles (~dotfiles/~, ~xdg-config/~)
- My Debian GNU/Linux configuration (~systems/alpha/~)
- My configuration for Raspberry Pi (~systems/pi/~)
- And some other stuff.
I've re-created this repository from scratch, removing some secrets
for publishing. If you want to use any part of my configurations,
you're free to do so, but *do not* try to use it as is, it's complex
and personal, and some additional secret stuff is not included, so it
won't work reliably. Just cherry-pick what you want.
Lots of files created by other people are included in this repository,
most of the time verbatim. Any file that does not include a statement
for its licence terms is probably written by me, and I hereby put all
of them in public domain.
The sound file =candy/cowbell.wav= was adapted from the work of the
Wikimedia Commons user [[][I speak so quietly]], see [[,_cowbell.OGG][here]].
* Installation
** ~alpha~ System setup
In order to get this configuration running on a vanilla Debian stable
installation, run the following commands:
# apt-get install sudo make git equivs
$ make alpha-init
# locale-gen
# update-initramfs -u
This will trigger a series of shell scripts and make rules which will
initialise the system. It should not cause any problems to re-run
this command after fixing a failure that interrupts it running in
order to complete installation. Make sure an internet connection is
available. This recipe should be run by a bootstrap user that can
sudo. Do not run this recipe as the superuser, it'll use sudo to run
commands that needs such privileges.
This recipe, among other things, will create a user ~g~ with uid 1993
and a group of similar identifiers, and assing the user certain
** ~alpha~ Post-install
The following commands help complete the installation, regardless of
the system flavour:
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ bundle
$ gem rdoc --all
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