Commit 10991133 authored by bzt's avatar bzt

Added glyph variants

parent 3605d0fa
......@@ -39,9 +39,7 @@ SSFN can store everything that a TrueType or OpenType font can, except for:
As for character encoding, SSFN exclusively uses UNICODE (ISO-10464) by design. For
ligatures, I suggest to use the proper UNICODE code point for the ligature (which can
be a combined glyph), or a sequence of more code points where only the last glyph has
an advance. As for glyph alternatives, SSFN always renders the same glyph for the same
character. So if you want to have different glyphs for a character, you have to use a
different font.
an advance.
The format was designed with small file size and efficient info access in mind. As
such the format specification has many IF-x-THEN conditions, because it uses
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