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Add express redirect

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......@@ -2,4 +2,51 @@ const PORT = process.env.port || 8080;
const express = require("express");
const app = express();
* In this exercise, we'll make use of some of the additional
* behavior that express can use for handling routing. In particular, we'll
* look at "redirect" functionality.
* In web development, a "redirect" refers to taking a request from a user,
* and sending them to a different location. Redirects happen _a lot_ online:
* for instance, when you visit links on a service like Twitter or Facebook,
* these services have "link shortener" services that redirect you from a
* short URL like to a longer link, like
* We're going to build a similar service, but for your "personal links".
* For instance, I'll build something with the following routes and redirects:
* /github ->
* /medium ->
* /twitter ->
* /soundcloud ->
* /website ->
* Because everyone uses different services (or none at all!), this exercise
* is designed for you to implement whatever kind of links you want! For instance,
* you may define things like "/favorites/movie" and link to an IMDB page, or
* "/friends/john" to link to a friend's website or Facebook.
* Pick 2-3 links to set up (or more, if you prefer) and define them as GET requests.
* Inside the callback function for this route, call the res.redirect function, passing
* the argument of the URL you want to redirect to.
* For instance:
* app.get('/twitter', (req, res) => {
* res.redirect("")
* })
* Test the behavior by starting the application and visiting your route. Define 2-3 of these
* and you'll be done!
* By the way, bonus points if you want to take this application and actually deploy it
* somewhere, using something like Heroku or! I use something similar for the
* Byteconf website (via URLs like,, etc)
* to track how many people are visiting those URLs from the website. It's a great way
* to eliminate the need for remembering URLs, and it looks cool on a business card :)
app.listen(PORT, () => console.log(`Express app listening on ${PORT}`));
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