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Diab is a smart opensource application that helps you managing your diabetes by keeping track of your glucose values and insulin injections.

[Get it on F-Droid]( Using the data registered inside the app it's possible to generate a customized plugin that once applied to the app will provide smart insights for insulin dosages based on real-time context. It's also possible to integrate the app with other fitness services to share the data. ## Features * Save records of glucose and insulin dosages * Insulin suggestions plugin * Export records as Excel file * Reminder for checking again in case of hypoglycemia * [optional] Google Fit integration For upcoming features, see the [bug tracker]( ## Open source ### License Released under the [GNU GPLv3]( ### Working with the repository Clone the repository with git ```shell git clone ``` Setup the work environment * Install git pre-push hooks (all the tests must pass before pushing to master) * Install [ktlint]( (enforces code style guidelines) * Prevent git from tracking changes to your trained plugin models ```shell ./_scripts/ ``` ### Compile The builds can be compiled using [gradle]( The following build variants are available: 1. `oss` 2. `googleFit` #### oss builds Builds the app without any fitness services integration. The output is composed of 100% open source code. ```shell ./gradlew assembleOssRelease ``` #### googleFit builds Builds the app with (optional) Google Fit integration. The output includes proprietary libraries from Google used for Fit. ```shell ./gradlew assembleGoogleFitRelease ``` ## Insulin suggestions plugin > :warning: This feature could be dangerous, use with extreme caution. :warning: > > **DO NOT** blindly rely on it as while it's efficient enough for > providing hints, it's NOT supposed to replace medical advices > or suggestions from more-experienced humans. > > The developer and contributors disclaim any responsibility over any > form of injury derived from (mis)usage of this feature. The insulin suggestion plugin allows the app to provide smart insulin dosage hints. The plugin is created by using a machine-learning model created with data from the app which is tested against a wide set of possible scenarios. Given the strictly sensitive and personal nature of dealt with data, no plugin is bundled with the app, nor made available for download. ### Build your own suggestion plugin To create your customized insulin suggestions plugins using ml, see the [readme found in the `ml` module](_ml/ It's also possible to build a plugin manually, but no documentation is available for the time being.