Commit 0252504a authored by Andrey Zgarbul's avatar Andrey Zgarbul


parent b88a68c1
name = "softposit"
version = "0.3.1"
version = "0.3.2"
authors = ["Andrey Zgarbul <[email protected]>"]
description = "Implementation of Posit numbers"
repository = ""
......@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ Such types are supported now:
* P16E1 or P16: 16-bit posit with ES=1;
* P8E0 or P8: 8-bit posit without exponent bits.
Initial suppot of generic types PxE1{N} and PxE2{N}.
Requires nightly rustc and `nightly` feature to be enabled.
## Examples
### Convert from f64, Add
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