Commit e052e471 authored by Denis Budyak's avatar Denis Budyak

Поменял горячие клавишы системы

* Освободил F7 для пошаговой отладки
* Показать/скрыть список окон - теперь по Alt-F2
* Обновил туториал
parent 2fc5386b
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
<!-- Example: Toggle visibility of windows -->
<HotKey name="Toggle visibility of user windows" keys="F6" command="WMNavigate.ToggleAll"/>
<HotKey name="Toggle visibility of navigation windows" keys="F7" command="WMNavigate.ToggleNavigation"/>
<HotKey name="Toggle visibility of navigation windows" keys="ALT+F2" command="WMNavigate.ToggleNavigation"/>
<!-- Example: Control window that has keyboard focus -->
<HotKey name="Toggle Fullscreen" keys="ALT+RETURN" command="WMNavigate.ToggleFullscreen"/>
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