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# Icons
rss: true
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email_address: "" # Full email address, e.g. ""
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github: "btelle"
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layout: page
title: About
permalink: /about/
feature-img: "img/sample_feature_img_2.png"
feature-img: "img/sample_feature_img_3.png"
Type Theme is a free and open-source theme for [Jekyll](, licensed under the MIT License.
Everyday Data is a blog about taking a closer look at everyday data. Each post
focuses on some aspect of everyday life that can be quantified and analyzed.
Posts will discuss how data is collected, organized, analyzed and displayed.
Head over to the [theme's documentation]( for much more information about Type Theme or to install this theme on your own Jekyll site.
## About Brandon Telle
This file is an example of a page in Jekyll, that automatically shows up in the header navigation, you can delete or modify this file freely.
[Brandon Telle]( is a data engineer, web developer,
python enthusiast, and might learn how to use d3.js someday. His endless
curiosity with regards to data and daily routines lead him to start Everyday
Data in 2017.
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