Commit 9afe69e9 authored by Brian Egan's avatar Brian Egan

Todos that make a bit more sense.

parent d790f2c7
......@@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ class WebService {
return new Future.delayed(
() => [
new Todo('Feed da kitty', note: 'With the chickeny bits!'),
new Todo('Buy food for da kitty', note: 'With the chickeny bits!'),
new Todo('Find a Red Sea dive trip', note: 'Echo vs MY Dream'),
new Todo('Book flights to Egypt', complete: true),
new Todo('Decide on accommodation'),
new Todo('If you like', note: 'Piña coladas', complete: true),
new Todo('Sip Margaritas', note: 'on the beach', complete: true),
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