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  6. 24 Jan, 2017 4 commits
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      Properly resolve relative input paths if AppImage · 1bb7af32
      Iain Nicol authored
      AppImages may be a good way of deploying the application.  However, they
      change the current working directory so that hardcoded paths can be
      found relative to the AppDir.  This means we much specifically use the
      original current working directory.
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      build: add support for custom install prefix · e0c2be1a
      Iain Nicol authored
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      build: make relocatable for libbsccts and libvbstd · cef613f2
      Iain Nicol authored
      Switching to stack had messed up installing and finding libbsccts.  I
      mean, Stack doesn't even try to install our data-files; it offers to
      install only our executable.
      That meant at runtime we were trying to find libbsccts inside stack's
      .stack-work build directory.  That was ugly.  More importantly, it
      would fail if you deleted the build directory after installation.
      Instead, be "relocatable".  If we are running from /usr/bin/bscc, then
      PREFIX is /usr.  In this case, find libbsccts beneath /usr/share.
      Similarly, find libvbstd by being relocatable, instead of hard coding
      the library location.
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      build: add Makefile · dfc66c8e
      Iain Nicol authored
      This will be useful because stack doesn't seem to support an install
      target.  All it can do is copy the executable, but not other files.
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      build: switch from cabal-install to Stack · 41ca5f04
      Iain Nicol authored
      Having come back to this project after a few years, I was disappointed
      but not surprised when initially it did not build because
      cabal-install could not longer resolve the dependency tree.  In
      contrast, by default Stack's dependency trees are reproducible.
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      INSTALL: remove sdist instructions · 7ae8f106
      Iain Nicol authored
      When I port to Stack, the sdist build target will fail.  I think this
      is because bscc build depends upon an internal package, bscc-setuphs.
      This isn't a huge problem.  Source tarballs are a bit anachronistic in
      the days of distributed version control systems.
  11. 17 Jan, 2017 2 commits
  12. 16 Jan, 2017 1 commit
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      build: upgrade various dependencies · bac1cd7e
      Iain Nicol authored
      The cabal-install program was failing to resolve a dependency tree.
      Downgrade the dependency on Cabal itself to allow Stack to resolve the
      Don't use now-deprecated portions of the pathtype API.
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      build: remove -Werror · 4b36ac6d
      Iain Nicol authored
      Having warning free code is good.  However, people from upon -Werror.
      The problem is that new compilers can introduce new warnings, so
      -Werror would cause the existing code to fail to build.
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  17. 05 Jan, 2014 1 commit
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      Update URLs and email address · b5a546fb
      Iain Nicol authored
      The new URLs are HTTPS, which is better than HTTP.  Also, the new repo
      URLs can be accessed both in a web browser and from git.
      The old email address is still valid.  However, prefer the new one
      because it is specific for programming.
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