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Simple git extension to interact with GitLab from command line.

API: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/tree/master/doc/api


Libsaas package and gitlab extension see: https://gitlab.com/bor-sh-infrastructure/libsaas_gitlab/tree/master#README

Installation if prerequisites are met

sudo python setup.py install


git config --global gitlab.url    "http://your-server-url"
git config --global gitlab.token  "your-token"

local in each repository:
git config gitlab.url   "http://your-server-url"
git config gitlab.token "your-token"


All commands

git lab -h

For each command get help by git gitlab command -h and further infos what needs to be done is provided.

For example creating merge request. If you are on the repository cloned and tracked on any gitlab server referenced as remote.

git lab mr

All parameters are optional source, target branch and title if not provided will be derived from repository and current branch itself.