## New in this release (0.1)
* Supports Login and logout for one Mastodon account at a time (tokens are stored in the local keystore)
* Posts plain text toots up to 280 characters in size (you can edit this limit in `config/config.py`)
* Fetches read-only notifications that point at URLs
* Fetches read-only toots from your home, local and public streams
* Displays user avatars and display names next to toots and notifications
* Displays the plain-text contents of toots and whether they're a boost or reply
* Caches avatar images to save bandwidth and speed up load times (stored in `config/.cache`. This is cleared when you use `File` > `Logout...`)
* Refreshes both visible panels (use `Edit` > `Refresh` or the `F5` key)
* Supports the use of translation files (See `config/config.py` and `config/lang/en.json`)

## Known Issues
* Noticeable lag when you login, switch between streams or refresh the visible panels
* Errors are not surfaced in dialogs yet, they output to the console window
* You can't login to Mastodome if you have MFA enabled (it works if you login at least once *then* enable MFA)
* Mastodome doesn't automatically login to your previous session, you have to open the login window again
* However... it doesn't re-check your password if you've already logged in once (even if you log out) as it reuses the existing session key
* If you revoke application access or the current session from the web interface, you won't be able to login again until you manually delete entries for that domain in your local keystore
* None of the windows can be resized
* Toots with "content warnings" in the web interface are currently displayed in full and without warnings
* To view the contents of notifications and hyperlinks you have to copy the entry (highlight and `Ctrl+C`) and paste into an external program