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# ical4android
ical4android is an Android library that brings together iCalendar and Android.
ical4android is a library for Android that brings together iCalendar and Android.
It's a framework for
* parsing and generating iCalendar resources (using [ical4j](
......@@ -14,11 +14,16 @@ It's a framework for
It has been primarily developed for:
* [DAVdroid](
* [ICSdroid](
* [DAVx⁵](
* [ICSx⁵](
_This software is not affiliated to, nor has it been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved
by Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC._
Generated KDoc:
## Contact
......@@ -30,9 +35,6 @@ Florastraße 27
Email: []( (do not use this)
For questions, suggestions etc. please use the DAVdroid forum:
## License
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