Commit faaaa330 authored by Ricki Hirner's avatar Ricki Hirner

Implement checksum to check whether DIRTY contacts have "really" changed

* contact data hash code = hash code of data fields and group memberships
* Before every contact sync, all dirty contacts are checked whether they're
  "really dirty" (= data hash code has changed). If they're not, the DIRTY
  flag is reset. Works around Android 7 behavior of setting contacts to DIRTY
  even if onky meta data has been updated (for instance, lastContacted after
  a call or SMS),
* When an "upload" sync is initiated by notifyChange and there are no
  "really dirty" contacts, the sync is ignored.
* contact upload: clearDirty() saves hash code, too
* contact download: create()/update() saves hash code, too
* debugging: sync flags (extras) are now logged
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