Commit e1c5fb2b authored by Ricki Hirner's avatar Ricki Hirner

Add Galician translation (thanks)

parent 9536d430
Subproject commit dce08592cb6c9431002f9e3727965793e386b8e6
Subproject commit 0ba3ff0271b2d6afb897859281a78d211513e5e4
declare -A android
android=([ar_SA]=ar [ca]=ca [cs]=cs [da]=da [de]=de [es]=es [fa]=fa [fr]=fr [hu]=hu [it]=it [ja]=ja [nl]=nl [nb_NO]=nb-rNO [pl]=pl [pt]=pt [pt_BR]=pt-rBR [ru]=ru [sl_SI]=sl-rSI [sr]=sr [tr_TR]=tr-rTR [uk]=uk [zh_CN]=zh-rCN [zh_TW]=zh-rTW)
android=([ar_SA]=ar [ca]=ca [cs]=cs [da]=da [de]=de [es]=es [fa]=fa [fr]=fr [gl]=gl [hu]=hu [it]=it [ja]=ja [nl]=nl [nb_NO]=nb-rNO [pl]=pl [pt]=pt [pt_BR]=pt-rBR [ru]=ru [sl_SI]=sl-rSI [sr]=sr [tr_TR]=tr-rTR [uk]=uk [zh_CN]=zh-rCN [zh_TW]=zh-rTW)
for lang in ${!android[@]}
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