Commit 43009541 authored by Ricki Hirner's avatar Ricki Hirner

Fix CI in libs; include dav4jvm as standalone project

parent 2fe19e93
Pipeline #42325828 passed with stages
in 11 minutes and 39 seconds
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ android {
dependencies {
implementation project(':cert4android')
implementation project(':dav4jvm')
implementation ':dav4jvm'
implementation project(':ical4android')
implementation project(':vcard4android')
......@@ -29,3 +29,4 @@ allprojects {
apply plugin: 'android-reporting'
Subproject commit 75dafa4397aacd98efda846818ad3c23367bcf05
Subproject commit dce08592cb6c9431002f9e3727965793e386b8e6
Subproject commit f0c3fd540f4b94ad88488ad384433192ae41bf77
Subproject commit 1f48a6620c806c218eb8cd8c31e0025f44b5a933
include ':app'
include ':cert4android'
include ':dav4jvm'
include ':ical4android'
include ':vcard4android'
Subproject commit 9af8952aebdd0abb8408f9e467e160bb4c287c1f
Subproject commit ad0fb12d6cb330f9a9183209025718ce15aac217
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