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Contributing to DAVx⁵
**Thank you for your interest in contributing to DAVx⁵!**
Because you're reading this, you're probably interested in
contributing to the DAVx⁵ code. [Other ways to contribute:
see here.](
To contribute:
1. It's good idea to have a look at the [DAVx⁵ Roadmap](
to see whether the change is already planned. Maybe there's even a link to a
corresponding forum thread there.
1. Determine which project the changes shall go to. There's
the DAVx⁵ main project (this repo), and the [related
1. Please post to the [DAVx⁵ development forum](
before doing actual work (unless you do it only for yourself, of course).
This will help to coordinate activities and you'll also get hints
about where to start and possible pitfalls.
1. Fork the repository.
1. Do the changes in your repository.
1. Submit a pull request to the original project.
1. Post in the forum again (to make sure the pull request is being notified).
Questions, discussion
We're happy to see questions, discussions etc. in the
[DAVx⁵ development forum](!
All code has to be licensed under the GPL.
We (, initial developers) are also asking you to double-license the
code so that we can also use it for related non-open source projects like
[Managed DAVx⁵](
Please find more about this in the Contributor's License Agreement (CLA)
we'll send to you if you want to contribute.
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