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......@@ -47,12 +47,9 @@ android {
lintOptions {
disable 'GoogleAppIndexingWarning' // we don't need Google indexing, thanks
disable 'GradleDependency'
disable 'IconColors'
disable 'IconLauncherShape'
disable 'IconMissingDensityFolder'
disable 'ImpliedQuantity', 'MissingQuantity'
disable 'ImpliedQuantity', 'MissingQuantity' // quantities from Transifex may vary
disable 'MissingTranslation', 'ExtraTranslation' // translations from Transifex are not always up to date
disable "OnClick" // doesn't recognize Kotlin onClick methods
disable 'Recycle' // doesn't understand Lombok's @Cleanup
disable 'RtlEnabled'
disable 'RtlHardcoded'
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Subproject commit fb3b55af4194b58bb4c0696c6bdf1262612d357f
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