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......@@ -11,13 +11,22 @@ News and updates: [@davdroidapp](
Help and discussion: [DAVdroid forums](
Parts of DAVdroid have been outsourced into these libraries:
* [dav4android]( – WebDAV/CalDav/CardDAV framework
* [ical4android]( – iCalendar processing and Calendar Provider access
* [vcard4android]( – VCard processing and Contacts Provider access
* [Apache HttpClient]( (Android port) – [Apache License](
* [iCal4j]([New BSD License](
Those libraries are used by DAVdroid (alphabetically):
* [dnsjava]([BSD License](
* [ez-vcard]([New BSD License](
* [Simple XML Serialization]([Apache License, Version 2.0](
* [iCal4j]([New BSD License](
* [MemorizingTrustManager]([MIT License](
* [okhttp]([Apache License, Version 2.0](
* [Project Lombok]([MIT License](
* [dnsjava]([BSD license](
* [SLF4J]([MIT License](
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ public class HttpClient extends OkHttpClient {
* Creates a new HttpClient (based on another one) which can be used to download external resources:
* 1. it does not use preemptive authentiation
* 1. it does not use preemptive authentication
* 2. it only authenticates against a given host
* @param client user name and password from this client will be used
* @param host authentication will be restricted to this host
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