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    Implement Android 6-style permissions · 61231b42
    Ricki Hirner authored
    * increase target API level to 23 (Android 6), which makes Android 6-style permissions mandatory
    * AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS permission is only required up to API level 22
    * new activity: PermissionsActivity which shows missing permissions and provides buttons to request them
    * DavService: Android shouldn't send a null Intent, but sometimes it does, so implement null check
    * LocalTaskList: tasksProviderAvailable may return true on API level 23+ even if permissions are not sufficient
    * SyncAdapterService: show a notification (with Intent for PermissionsActivity) when permissions are not sufficient
    * when creating accounts, set OpenTasks sync always to true if API level is 23+ (even if OpenTasks is not installed [yet])
    * update Lombok
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