Commit 2ccaa4a4 authored by davigonz's avatar davigonz

Include move support

parent 10abc3ec
......@@ -85,6 +85,32 @@ open class DavResource @JvmOverloads constructor(
* Sends a MOVE request to this resource. Follows up to [MAX_REDIRECTS] redirects.
* @throws IOException on I/O error
* @throws DavException on WebDAV error
@Throws(IOException::class, HttpException::class, DavException::class)
fun move(destination:String, forceOverride:Boolean, callback: (response: Response) -> Unit) {
val requestBuilder = Request.Builder()
.method("MOVE", null)
.header("Content-Length", "0")
.header("Destination", destination);
if(forceOverride) requestBuilder.header("Overwrite", "F")
followRedirects {
}.use{ response ->
* Sends a MKCOL request to this resource. Follows up to [MAX_REDIRECTS] redirects.
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