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overlay.xml: Update URIs

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......@@ -5,4 +5,4 @@ Using the ebuilds:
Whenever you update (emerge --sync), also run:
layman -S
Come to Freenode #bitcoin-gentoo and indicate your gitorious account name if you would like commit access.
Come to freenode #bitcoin-gentoo and indicate your GitLab account name if you would like commit access.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE repositories SYSTEM "/dtd/repositories.dtd">
<!DOCTYPE repositories SYSTEM "">
<repositories xmlns="" version="1.0">
<repo quality="experimental" status="unofficial">
<description>bitcoin related ebuilds from bitcoin-gentoo dev team on freenode</description>
<name>bitcoin-gentoo dev team</name>
<source type="git">git://</source>
<source type="git"></source>
<source type="git"></source>
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