Commit 7c4fc3a4 authored by Andreas Schildbach's avatar Andreas Schildbach Mention P2WPKH in BIP72 deviation.

parent 1b616660
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ accepted.
1. Supply an address and optionally an `amount` parameter, with their values exactly matching the
respective values from the linked payment request message. This means there can be only one
output in `PaymentDetails.outputs` and that output can only contain an `Output.script` of type
`pay-to-pubkey`, `pay-to-pubkey-hash` or `pay-to-script-hash`. Note you should add these parameters
`pay-to-pubkey`, `pay-to-pubkey-hash`, `pay-to-witness-pubkey-hash` or `pay-to-script-hash`. Note you should add these parameters
anyway for backwards compatibility to wallets that don't support the payment protocol.
2. Supply an `h` parameter, which contains the unpadded base64url-encoded SHA-256 hash of the
linked payment request bytes.
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