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      Create ninja target for building Markdown documentation · 78f9989a
      BigBlockIfTrue authored
      This moves auto-generation of Markdown documentation out of
      `contrib/devtools/gen-manpages.sh` and into the build system, with a new
      ninja target `doc-md`. `contrib/devtools/gen-manpages.sh` returns to its
      original purpose of generating manpages only (can be integrated into the
      build system later as well).
      The auto-generated Markdown documentation is no longer committed into
      the repository, but built as needed. CI will build it for GitLab pages,
      so that docs.bitcoincashnode.org will always be fully up-to-date with
      the master branch. A `DOC_ONLINE` option has been added to the build
      system to differentiate between documentation generated for the website
      and for local use (default off), replacing the previous CI hacks.
      Test plan: `ninja doc-html` (with `-DDOC_ONLINE=ON` and
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      [qa] Add 'mining' and 'wallet' labels · ec7f11c0
      freetrader authored
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      Create ninja target for building HTML documentation with mkdocs · 78d7dd9f
      BigBlockIfTrue authored
      Long-term purpose of this MR is to allow shipping offline HTML
      documentation along with our releases, so you can always locally access
      HTML docs for your specific installed version (online documentation is
      only for latest version). This is a lot more user-friendly than manually
      browsing an unorganised bunch of Markdown files.
      Simplified logic of which files to include for `mkdocs`: everything in
      the `docs` folder plus any `.md` files outside it. This dramatically
      reduces the run-time of `mkdocs` and the size of the generated
      documentation folder. It also broke links to source code files. These
      links can be removed in a follow-up MR.
      * Changed site directory from `site` (default) to `doc-html`.
      * Renamed `files-for-mkdocs` directory to `doc-html-src`.
      * Moved `mkdocs.yml` into `doc` folder.
      This also makes the following changes for locally building
      documentation, but these changes are reversed when building online
      documentation in Gitlab CI:
      * `doc/release-notes.md` is now included, as "current release notes" (at
      a version tag, this file contains the actual release notes for that
      release; in between version tags, the file contains changes to master
      since last release).
      * Directory URLs are turned off (do not work locally).
      * Search plug-in is turned off (does not work locally).
      Implementation of the ninja target is loosely inspired by `ninja
      Test plan: `ninja doc-html` and browse locally from
      `doc-html/index.html`, and also check
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      Merge branch 'uint256_nits_constexpr_noexcept' into 'master' · 41510f14
      freetrader authored
      uint256: Modernize code to use `noexcept` and `constexpr` where possible
      See merge request !1059
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      [qa] Fix bench-bitcoin target · abf734ed
      freetrader authored
      The `bench-bitcoin` target is supposed to build and execute the
      C++ benchmarks (described in doc/ninja_targets.md).
      A renaming of the executable broke this target.
      Test plan:
      - ninja bench-bitcoin
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      Merge branch 'feature/deterministic-locktime' into 'master' · ecd8267a
      freetrader authored
      Wallet: Remove random component of locktime
      See merge request !1063
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