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Upgrade9 (May 2023) - Everything plus fixups

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Co-authored-by: Andrew-128 <>

This contains the following MRs: !1580 (closed), !1598 (closed), !1597 (closed), !1599 (closed), !1594 (closed), !1596 (closed), !1556 (closed), !1601 (closed), !1591 (closed), !1592 (closed), !1604 (closed)

This is here so that there is a single branch that contains all of the major changes we plan on having for upgrade9, so that we may build a forked testnet4 for early testing. It also contains various minor fix-ups that were noticed and that required resolving, but that didn't neatly fit into other MRs (such as !1580 (closed)).

Note: at the present time this contains a bunch of fixups and additions not present in its predecessor MRs so it is imperative that this also be merge after its dependencies, or, alternatively as has been discussed in Slack, it can be merged in lieu of its dependencies as a great big MR.

If running a node to test, use args something like: -testnet4 -upgrade9activationtime=XXX, etc... EDIT: chipnet has already activated so to test live use -chipnet.

Test Plan

  • ninja all check-extended
  • ninja check-upgrade-activated-extended
  • ninja bench-bitcoin
  • Build with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug and CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
  • Build with GCC + Clang compilers
  • Do a Gitian build for all target platforms
  • Check that ASAN/UBSAN sanitizer builds pass
  • Run GUI wallet and test that token-aware cash addresses are validated in Send dialog
  • Connect to chipnet with -chipnet and verify synchronization
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