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    [backport] Add "overload' functional test + disable the penalty for PF_RELAY peers · 63069ce9
    sipa authored and Calin Culianu's avatar Calin Culianu committed
    Co-authored-by: default avatarCalin Culianu <>
    Based on commit #5 of:
    Original commit:
    Note we modified this commit:
    We adapted this commit to *not* change the 100,000 tx inv tracking limit down
    to 5,000, as Core did. We want to keep this backport strictly to not
    modifying existing behavior, and existing code allowed a 100k limit, so
    we keep that limit.
    Also, the 5k limit that Core is now using seems low and perhaps is more
    compatible with their chain, but for our chain, with 32x larger blocks,
    we should keep the limit at 100k as it was before.