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    Markdown code quality, 2 of 5 (whitespace related improvements) · 88c55b09
    SlowRiot authored and freetrader's avatar freetrader committed
    One of a multi-part series of changes to improve markdown code quality,
    primarily driven by feedback from codeclimate's markdownlint plugin.
    This MR fixes markdown whitespace issues flagged by markdownlint:
    * Whitespace around headers
    * Whitespace around lists
    * Remove duplicate empty lines
    * Consistent list indentation (two spaces for indented sub-lists)
    * Remove trailing whitespace
    * Misc whitespace tidying
    Test Plan
    - review document changes
    - run ninja doc-html on master, take a backup, and run it again on this branch
      - run recursive diff to verify no unexpected changes appear in the
        generated html
      - for files where differences occur, compare changed locations in generated
        doc/html/index.html with a browser to content generated on master, and to
        content on https://docs.bitcoincashnode.org
        (not all changed documents are present there, the ones that are not can be
        treated as out of scope of this compari...