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    Remove dependency on git-lfs; generate .cpp data files as part of build · 399aec35
    Calin Culianu authored and freetrader's avatar freetrader committed
    Co-authored-by: default avatarAndrew#128 <andrew-128-github@protonmail.com>
    This MR closes #333.
    This commit eliminates the need for git-lfs. Instead, the .raw files
    have been compressed with bzip2 -9, and have been added to this
    repository directly as .raw.bz2. They are about 40% smaller compressed than
    The build script convert-raw-files.py has been modified to know how to
    uncompress the data before generating C++ code for embedding.  The data
    is now encoded as a base64 string in the C++, and is decoded at most
    once the first time the data is read by client code. The base64 encoding
    is much more efficient than the wasteful \XXX octal encoding that was
    used before. It's about ~3 times more compact than previous, which should
    lead to faster compilation times for bench_bitcoin.
    A build step was added for the bench_bitcoin target which runs the
    script to generate the data .cpp files (which get compiled into