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    [backport] Remove BIP70 support · 25fe0ea5
    fanquake authored and Calin Culianu's avatar Calin Culianu committed
    Co-authored-by: default avatarCalin Culianu <>
    This comes from [Core#17165](
    Modified for BCHN.
    Motivation for this: BIP70 is a security risk, and it also is nice to
    have fewer dependencies on OpenSSL
    Eventually we can bring in more backports that remove OpenSSL deps entirely
    (because after this MR, the last remaining dep is regarding some system
    random number generation which Core has found alternatives for).
    Original commiter message:
        This removes BIP70 support. It also removes OpenSSL linking from Qt and
        building OpenSSLs lib_ssl in depends, as well as SSL lib detection from
        the build system. It's something that I'd optimistically like to do for