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    Update copyright headers · 0a5fa624
    SlowRiot authored and freetrader's avatar freetrader committed
    Updating these accurately (especially the start date) is made easier by
    the helper script introduced in !1549.
    As well as updating existing copyright years for "The Bitcoin developers",
    this change adds missing "The Bitcoin developers" copyright lines for files
    that have been modified since the fork from Core, but are only marked for
    "The Bitcoin Core developers".
    Note that there are no erroneous attributions of earlier years to
    "The Bitcoin developers", thanks to the fork commit cutoff introduced to
    `contrib/devtools/copyright_header.py` in !1549.
    Changes exclude the third party libraries.
    No functional changes.
    Test plan
    Examine the git diffs to verify the changes look acceptable.
    Spot check several files with git log to confirm the newly updated and
    inserted copyright periods are correct.
    `ninja check-all` to make sure nothing is broken.