Commit 9faf6a60 authored by Eric Betts's avatar Eric Betts

list files in dist; look for env in src/

parent 1e6700d0
'use strict'
const dotenv = require('dotenv')
const result = dotenv.config()
const result = dotenv.config({path: './src/.env'})
if (result.error) {
console.log('dotenv error:', result.error)
......@@ -10,4 +10,8 @@ module.exports = {
fs.writeFileSync(`${FUNCTIONS_DIST}/.env`, kvs.join('\n'));
console.log(`Wrote ${kvs.length} envs to ${FUNCTIONS_DIST}/.env`);
onPostBuild: () => {
console.log('Hello world from onPostBuild event!')
console.log('functions dist', fs.readdirSync(FUNCTIONS_DIST));
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