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    Installation instructions truncated. · 91e03ca5
    Cecil Curry authored
    Installation instructions in the top-level "README.rst" file has been
    truncated to trivial one-liners for simplicity, readability, and parity
    with comparable instructions in the same file under BETSE. Specifically,
    this commit:
    * Documentation revised:
      * Installation instructions rewritten. These instructions have been
        revised from the ground up for simplicity, consistency, and with an
        increased emphasis on the standard pip ecosystem rather than the
        increasingly non-standard Anaconda ecosystem. Specifically:
        * "README.rst" truncated. The top-level "README.rst" file now
          provides only minimal instructions for installing BETSE under the
          two most popular platform-agnostic package managers: pip
          (recommended) and Anaconda.
    (Further longings of the longest farthing!)
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