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| TODO |
(Todos marked with 1 are priority 1 for playability)
o Physics:
1 Implement attacks for action based battle gaming.
* Implement interaction between players characters/NPC's/foes, etc.
* Implement sensors for AI and line of sight.
* Implement shallow and deep water.
o Play
1 implement player and foe data such as HP, MP; LP, and stats.
o GUI:
1 game HUD / current HP, MP and LP display
* All sorts of widgets for status screens, menus, etc.
* Keyboard input.
* Joystick input.
o Main:
* Configurable controls
* Loading and saving settings
* Loading and saving data
o Tile map:
* Background images.
* Parallax.
* Object layers and scriptability.
* Transition from one map to another.
* Scripting.
* Background loading?
o Sprites:
* Speed up loading a bit / background loading?
o AI:
* Implement D* lite.
* Player char pathfinding.
o Particle Engine Alps (Allegro Particle System)
* Damage display.
* Group for flexibility.
* Allow bitmaps as well as colors/shapes.
* Explosions.
* Spell effects.
o Scripting:
* Wire it all up so game content becomes accessible in mruby.
o AND MUCH MORE! ^_^;;;
| DONE |
o GUI:
* A 2D UI elements / drawing scene graph was implemented so the GUI can be
partially implemented in mruby.
* Some not too beautiful widgets for menu and dialogs were implemented.
o Tile map:
* Static tilesets.
* Load TMX maps.
* Tile map tile animations, also in TMX 0.10 style.
* Tile properties.
* Tile map layers.
* Tile flipping.
o Sprites:
* Loading.
* Coloring.
* Positioning.
* Shadows under the sprites.
* Attack animations and other one-shots now work.
o Physics:
* Implemented stairs. Need to use stair and invisible support tiles in tile map.
* Bump based physics.
* Physical layers.
o Asset loading:
* resor and store subsystems, both already scripted.
o Engine:
* Built-in own XML parser so no libxml2 dependency is needed anymore.
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