Commit efc35553 authored by Benji Fisher's avatar Benji Fisher

25: Update the description of what the project does

- Remove the reference to JSON:API (since Issue #21 was fixed).
- Mention that the Gatsby site is moved after being built.
parent 488b2d85
......@@ -77,10 +77,9 @@ It will
- Install the Gatsby CLI tool.
- Install `yarn` (with `npm`).
- Install Drupal with the Umami demo profile.
- Install the [JSON:API]( Drupal
- Install a Gatsby project pulling data from the Drupal site.
- Build the Gatsby project.
- Move the Gatsby site to `gatsbydrupal/`.
- Tell you which URLs are being served.
In particular, you should be able to visit these pages in a web browser.
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