Commit 9be1f942 authored by Benji Fisher's avatar Benji Fisher

16: Make 'lando rebuild' more reliable

Before reinstalling Drupal, clear out the public files. This directory
caused permission errors for some reason.

Uninstall the contact module. With this module enabled, there are some
links on that, when followed, give
404 errors or similar.

These errors broke the Gatsby build.
parent 6080835d
......@@ -20,8 +20,11 @@ services:
- cd drupal && composer install
- echo "Clearing out user files from the Drupal site."
- rm -rf /app/drupal/web/sites/default/files
- cd drupal/web && drush --yes site:install demo_umami --db-url=mysql://drupal8:drupal8@database:3306/drupal8 --account-pass=admin --site-name='Drupal-Gatsby'
- cd drupal/web && drush --yes pm:enable jsonapi
- cd drupal/web && drush --yes pm:uninstall contact
type: node
ssl: true
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