Commit d409baf9 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

adapt xidel for removed urlHexEncode

parent 16e2f6e6
......@@ -1244,7 +1244,7 @@ begin
parent.loadCookies := ''; //only need to load them once?
escapedURL := url;
if not rawURL then escapedURL := urlHexEncode(url, [#32..#126]); // fn:escape-html-uri
if not rawURL then escapedURL := TInternetAccess.urlEncodeData(url, ueXPathHTML4);
parent.printStatus('**** Retrieving ('+method+'): '+escapedURL+' ****');
if parent.printPostData and (data <> '') then parent.printStatus(data);
result := TDataObject.create('', escapedURL);
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