Commit 947c89d5 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

use visitor to find variable declarations rather than a half-baked visitor-like construct

parent 0df2c947
......@@ -2475,17 +2475,13 @@ function TExtraction.process(data: IData): TFollowToList;
function termContainsVariableDefinition(term: TXQTerm): boolean;
i: Integer;
visitor: TXQTerm_VisitorFindWeirdGlobalVariableDeclarations;
if term = nil then exit(false);
if term is TXQTermWithChildren then
with TXQTermWithChildren(term) do begin
if term is TXQTermDefineVariable then exit(true);
if (term is TXQTermModule) or (term is TXQTermDefineFunction) then
exit(termContainsVariableDefinition(children[high(children)])); //todo: move to xquery engine
for i := 0 to high(children) do
if termContainsVariableDefinition(children[i]) then exit(true);
visitor := TXQTerm_VisitorFindWeirdGlobalVariableDeclarations.Create;
visitor.simpleTermVisit(@term, nil);
result := visitor.hasVars;;
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