Commit 73c0ecc0 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

load -e @fiLENAme from file. disable further file access functions

parent 2107e162
......@@ -1741,6 +1741,7 @@ var
tempstr: string;
begin'extract', extract); //todo. option: extract-file
if not cgimode and strBeginsWith(extract, '@') then extract := strLoadFromFileChecked(strCopyFrom(extract, 2));
if'extract-exclude', tempstr) then extractExclude := strSplit(tempstr, ',', false);
if'extract-include', tempstr) then extractInclude := strSplit(tempstr, ',', false);
......@@ -1819,6 +1820,7 @@ begin
if follow = '-' then follow :=strReadFromStdin;
end;} //handled in variableRead'follow', follow);
if not cgimode and strBeginsWith(follow, '@') then follow := strLoadFromFileChecked(strCopyFrom(follow, 2));
if'follow-kind', tempstr) then followKind := extractKindFromString(tempstr);'follow-exclude', tempstr); followExclude := strSplit(tempstr, ',', false);'follow-include', tempstr); followInclude := strSplit(tempstr, ',', false);
......@@ -3930,6 +3932,12 @@ begin
function xqFunctionBlocked(const context: TXQEvaluationContext; argc: SizeInt; args: PIXQValue): IXQValue;
raise EXQEvaluationException.create('pxp:cgi', 'function is not allowed in cgi mode');
result := nil;
function xqFunctionBlockedSimple(argc: SizeInt; args: PIXQValue): IXQValue;
raise EXQEvaluationException.create('pxp:cgi', 'function is not allowed in cgi mode');
result := nil;
......@@ -4032,10 +4040,18 @@ end;
procedure blockFileAccessFunctions;
var fn, pxp, jn: TXQNativeModule;
i: integer;
fn := TXQueryEngine.findNativeModule(XMLNamespaceURL_XPathFunctions);
fn.findComplexFunction('doc', 1).func:=@xqFunctionBlocked;
fn.findComplexFunction('doc-available', 1).func:=@xqFunctionBlocked;
for i := 1 to 2 do begin
fn.findComplexFunction('unparsed-text', i).func:=@xqFunctionBlocked;
fn.findInterpretedFunction('unparsed-text-lines', i).source:='"not available in cgi mode"';
fn.findComplexFunction('unparsed-text-available', i).func:=@xqFunctionBlocked;
fn.findBasicFunction('environment-variable', 1).func:=@xqFunctionBlockedSimple;
pxp := TXQueryEngine.findNativeModule(XMLNamespaceURL_MyExtensionsMerged);
pxp.findComplexFunction('json', 1).func:=@xqFunctionJSONSafe;
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