Commit 7352d4a6 authored by Benito van der Zander's avatar Benito van der Zander

adapt for refactored JSON parsing function

parent 2cdc33c7
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......@@ -2311,8 +2311,8 @@ end;
function parseJSON(const data: IData): IXQValue;
case data.inputFormat of //todo: cache?
ifJSON: result := xquery_json.parseJSON(data.rawData, [pjoAllowMultipleTopLevelItems, pjoLiberal, pjoAllowTrailingComma]);
ifJSONStrict: result := xquery_json.parseJSON(data.rawData, []);
ifJSON: result := TXQJsonParser.parse(data.rawData, [jpoAllowMultipleTopLevelItems, jpoLiberal, jpoAllowTrailingComma]);
ifJSONStrict: result := TXQJsonParser.parse(data.rawData, []);
else result := xqvalue();
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